Plant Intake Air Filtration / Process Air Filtration

Use Electrostatic Filters as pre-filters. Benefit from high Efficiency even for submicron size particles. Helps is improving particle counts, drastic reduction in replacement of fine / HEPA filters, Reduction in pressure drop of system – energy saving, No replacement costs, reduced maintenance costs of AHU coils.

Applications :

  • Fresh Air Filtration for Central Air conditioning plants of Commercial buildings, Hotels, Hospitals, R&D institutions etc.
  • Process Air filtration for Textile plants, chemical industries, pharmaceutical industries, Paint Booths, Cold storages etc.
  • Air filtration in dust proofing systems for control rooms, larges control panels etc.
  • Air filtration in existing fume exhaust systems for reduction in emissions to safe & permissible levels.
  • Equipment Intake Air filtration for Turbines, Compressors, Blowers, DG Sets etc. In this application Electrostatic Air filtration system can contribute to improvement in equipment performance also (like enhancement of fuel efficiency, higher output or both).
Fume Extraction Through Torch Pune

Filter-On Electrostatic Air filtration systems offer important technological advantages :

  • High filtration efficiency even for fine submicron suspended particles
  • Ability to filter smoke/fumes/ mist & fine particles in air stream
  • Very low pressure drop
  • Infinite life – No replacement required

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