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6.Melting and heat treatment fume extraction solutions

6B. Fumes Extraction Solution for Melting Operations-Forging

6B. Fumes Extraction Solution for Melting Operations-Forging

Filter On is keen on providing Fumes extraction solutions for fetting operations and forging. As the name implies, Fumes extraction solutions are only for fetting operations—forging with various capacities.

● DC (in a capacity of 8 K to 24K) :

Cartridge dust collectors

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  • Fine dust filtration is possible. We use German cartridges with 99%+ filtration efficiency down to 0.5 micron particles.
  • Outlet air is clean, filtered, and safe to discharge into the working premises.
  • Automatic cleaning: no particle maintenance is needed.
  • Only periodic cleaning of the dust collection tray is needed.
  • Cartridge life: 12 to 15 months, depending upon applications.
  • The pressure gauge provided shows the condition of the cartridge filters.
  • Different sizes and configurations are available as per application needs.
  • Welding fume extraction
  • Grinding dust collection
  • Plasma cutting fume extraction
  • Melting furnace fume extraction
  • I saw dust collection in the woodworking industry.
  • Gauging application dust collection
  • Mounting stand
  • Flexible pipes
  • GI ducting
  • Suction hood/canopies
  • Cartridge Dust Collector-DC series models are available from 2000 CMH to any higher air flow capacity.