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40 Years of Excellence

FilterON India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of air filtration and pollution control systems in India. Started in 1983 by Mr. V. D Ghorpade, FilterON has evolved in the last 4 decades in areas of technology, product range, applications, industries served, geographical markets, in-house infrastructure, etc. and is rightly positioned today to become a trusted clean air partner of fast-growing Indian industries.

Established in 1983. Filter-On is one of the total solution providers for the industrial and commercial sectors of air filtration systems in India. We are the pioneers in India in providing efficient air filtration solutions developed around electrostatic precipitation technology, cartridge technology, and wet scrubber technology. We have installed over 5K installations in the metalworking industry and over 2K installations in commercial kitchens.

Vision And Mission

Air filtration systems of India

Filter On India's Vision

Our Vision Is to be the most trusted ‘Clean Air Partner’ of top 100 manufacturers in India by 2030.

Our Mission Is to Eliminating air pollution, protecting health and improving productivity.

Mission Of Filter On India

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Room Air Purification for Computer Rooms, Clinics, Precision Assembly Rooms, etc. and Fume Extractors and Oil Mist Collectors for CNC Machines and Welding Fumes Application.


Specialized applications of radioactive dust filtration, ultrafine dust filtration of satellite assemblies, textile plant intake air filtration, television transmitter station dust-proofing, clean room air filtration for the pharmaceutical and food industries, and grinding and buffing dust collection .


Centralized Systems for Weld Lines in the Auto Components Industry; Centralized Oil Mist and Fumes Extraction Systems for CNC Machine Shops; Portable Fume Extractors; Solder Fumes Extraction.


Plasma Cutting/Laser Cutting Dust Collection, Induction Heating, Oil Quenching Fumes Extraction, Commercial Kitchen Fumes Filtration, Laser Marking Fumes Extraction.


Wet Scrubbing System for Fire-Protected Dust Collection, Welding Training Institutes Fumes Extraction, Nut Formers, Cold Forging Oil Mist, and Fumes Extraction.


Today, FilterON is the only Indian company that offers a complete range of systems, from small units (300 Cu M/Hr) to very large capacity (up to 32,000 Cu M/Hr) systems based on electrostatic air filtration systems.

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