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Air Quality Mapping Test Service By Filter ON India.

Filter ON India is pleased to introduce a unique service - Air Quality Mapping Service for industries to check the exposure of pollution at the workplace.

What is the scope of Filter on Air Quality Mapping Service ?

With the help of a digital aerosol monitor, the dust concentration at operator level is measured and recorded on a sample basis at various operator positions.

These actual readings are compared with standards (like OSHA/ISO14000?Factories Act etc.) requirements and then categorized as Red Zones (pollution levels well above safe values), Yellow Zones (pollution levels on border line of safe values) & Green Zones (pollution levels within safe values).

A recommendation report is submitted for reducing exposure levels in red & yellow zones.

Benefits of Filter on Air Quality Mapping Service :

  1. This test service helps in understanding the exact exposure of air pollution to individual operators in that area.
  2. Once all the samples are recorded, you will know the area where the exposure is maximum and can plan for corrective actions (such as improving ventilation, providing enclosures or isolators, and installing pollution control devices, etc.).
  3. Understanding the exact level of exposure to pollution
  4. Identifying critical areas or zones
  5. Prioritizing investments in pollution control devices
  6. Checking the effectiveness of the implementation of actions.
  7. Helps in achieving better safety & health related compliances with evidence of data.

This is an effective tool for ensuring a clean, safe, healthy, and productive work environment within the work area as well as ensuring maximum return on investment in clean air systems.

Overall Method for conducting Filter on Air Quality Mapping Service on site :

Filter On representatives should get a prior appointment for this test and visit your place. He will need 3–4 hours to 2 days (depending on the number of workstations) for this exercise to complete and does not need any manpower assistance from your end. He will record various readings, and we will submit you a report based on this with our recommendations for corrective measures, if any. Workplace layout drawing will be needed from the client.

Thus, a Filter on Air Quality Mapping Test Service is conducted at your plant site, which will help you understand the exposure of harmful pollutants in the workplace and make corrective and effective decisions for the safety of your workers.