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MD’s Message

Air Pollution not only affects health of people, but also their concentration, cognitive abilities, efficiency and productivity at workplace. This, in turn, severely impacts operational & ultimately financial performance of the organizations. Studies have shown that Nations all over the world lose 3-10% of their respective GDP because of the impacts of Air Pollution on society and economy.

It is imperative to address this biggest hurdle for our sustainable progress.

FilterON has been promoting the concept of 'Healthy Air Healthy Profits' for Manufacturing Industries and Commercial establishments since last 40+ years by offering effective Air Pollution control systems. With three Air Filtration Technologies, wide range of standard products, capability to offer customized systems, Turnkey project execution capabilities & range of proven applications, FilterON serves the Clean Air needs of Manufacturing industries like Automotive, Auto Components, Engineering Goods Mfg, Defence, Railways and also for Commercial Kitchens in Hotels, Malls, IT parks etc. across India.

Implementation of these systems lead to protection of health of people, improvement of their productivity, enhanced operational performance of the organizations along with environmental and occupational compliance. That's how Healthy Air results in Healthy Profits for the organizations implementing these solutions. The investment in these Clean Air Assets pays rich dividends! Everyone would ultimately realize that ‘Cost of treating pollution is much less than Cost of Not- treating pollution’.

Vision of FilterON is to become the Most Trusted ‘Clean Air Partner’ of Indian Industry by 2030 by offering One Stop Clean Air Solutions & Servies across Applications. We will realise this vision by deploying advanced air filtration technologies, application engineering, committed service delivery & long-term costs optimizations for the clients. Fume Extractors, Mist Collectors, Dust Collectors, Dry Scrubbers & Electrostatic Filters will be our major verticals in which we aim to achieve & maintain dominant market share by 2030.