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7 .Turnkey Clean Air Project Solution (Total Clean Air Project Solution)

7A. Turnkey Clean Air Project Solution (Total Clean Air Project Solution)

7A. Turnkey Clean Air Project Solution (Total Clean Air Project Solution)

Filter On provides Total Clean Air Project Solutions with the help of customization of all of the Industrial Clean Air Solutions, with customized offerings based on special requirements.

FilterON offers turnkey solutions for customized clean air systems for applications like welding, cutting, machining, grinding, heat treatment, etc.

While planning a common clean air system for multiple work stations, there are multiple challenges, like

  1. How to group stations to optimize the ducting lengths
  2. How to select the right filtration system
  3. How to select the right blower capacity
  4. How to balance the air flow at different stations so that there is adequate suction at each station.
  5. How to evaluate different options

These and many other challenges are satisfactorily addressed with FilterOn's unique approach towards centralized systems, which has evolved over 40 years of work in this area.

● The process involves :

  1. Calculation of the air flow of each individual station as per the guidelines of ACGIH to ensure effective capture of pollutants from each station.
  2. Choice of appropriate filtration technology (ESP, cartridge, or wet scrubber) for efficient filtration of pollutants to satisfy regulatory compliance.
  3. Working out multiple feasible options to choose from
  4. Assessing the options with the Total Ownership Cost concept for 3-5 years (installation cost + running cost + maintenance cost + replacement cost = Total Ownership Cost)

This helps clients make informed choices to ensure value for money for their investment for years.

Once a decision is made, FilterOn's expert team engages with the client team for smooth execution of the project.

After installation, trials and testing are conducted to ensure that all technical parameters are in line with the initial design parameters. Setting, balancing, and fine tuning are done as per actual observation, and these parameters are noted for future reference.

After this, the FilterON team provides training to the client team for operation, maintenance, and troubleshooting of the system. Maintenance manuals are handed over.

FilterON also offers AMC services for trouble-free maintenance of the system.

In today's scenario of frequent layout and product changes in plants, FilterON also undertakes modification and retrofitting projects of existing systems.

With FilterOn's proven capabilities of offering end-to-end solutions from concept to commissioning to after-sales support, many reputed names in the automotive and auto component industries have patronized FilterON for many years.

FilterON plays the role of a trusted clean air partner for the manufacturing industry.

  • Cutomised Turnkey Clean Air Project Solution In Welding line having manual/robotic stations-
  • Range of capacities varies from 8K to 32K including all the individual standard products.
  • Cutomised Turnkey Clean Air Project Solution in Covering line of CNC machines on shop floor
  • Range of capacities varies from 8KSP&DP to 32KSP&DP
  • Cutomised Turnkey Clean Air Project Solution in Cartridge Dust Collection & Filtration
  • Range of capacities varies from 8K To 60K.