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Filter On: A Legacy of Excellence Unveiled - 40 Years and Counting

FilterON India Pvt. Ltd. is a leading manufacturer of air filtration and pollution control systems in India. Started in 1983 by Mr. V. D Ghorpade, FilterON has evolved in the last 4 decades in areas of technology, product range, applications, industries served, geographical markets, in-house infrastructure, etc. and is rightly positioned today to become a trusted clean air partner of fast-growing Indian industries.


Technological Developments

FilterON pioneered two-stage electrostatic air filtration technology in India way back in 1983.

In 2011, FilterON also started offering systems based on cartridge air filtration technology.

Wet Scrubbers and Venturi Web Scrubber technology-based products have been introduced since 2017.

With three potent technologies, FilterON has been able to build a very diverse and large range of products.

Product Developments

In the initial years of the 1980s, FilterON started with just 4-5 products, like room air purifiers for computer rooms, operation theaters, etc., and fume extractors for CNC machines for oil mist filtration.

Range was enhanced with the use of modular design in the early 1990s. This created one new series with which large air flow capacity systems could be offered for various applications.

Starting in the late 1990s and early 2000s, FilterON started offering customized turnkey solutions for fume extraction and dust collection systems. This custom-built, ducted-centralized system became one of the prominent offerings from FilterON.

Today, FilterON is the only Indian company that offers a complete range of systems, from small units (300 Cu M/Hr) to very large capacity (up to 32,000 Cu M/Hr) systems based on electrostatic air filtration systems.

The range expanded further with the introduction of cartridge-type filtration systems in 2011. A new range of products based on cartridge filtration technology, ‘Downdraft Tables’, was introduced in 2016.

In 2017, FilterON introduced a range of wet scrubbers and venturi scrubbers for dust and fume collection applications.

Starting with 4-5 products based on one technology in 1983, FilterON today, in 2023, boasts more than 70 products based on three technologies.

Applications Served

1980s: Room Air Purification for Computer Rooms, Clinics, Precision Assembly Rooms, etc. + Fume Extractors and Oil Mist Collectors for CNC Machines and Welding Fumes Application.

1990s: specialized applications of radioactive dust filtration, ultrafine dust filtration of satellite assemblies, textile plant intake air filtration, television transmitter station dust-proofing, clean room air filtration for the pharmaceutical and food industries, and grinding and buffing dust collection

2000s: Centralized Systems for Weld Lines in the Auto Components Industry; Centralized Oil Mist and Fumes Extraction Systems for CNC Machine Shops; Portable Fume Extractors; Solder Fumes Extraction.

2010s: Plasma Cutting/Laser Cutting Dust Collection, Induction Heating, Oil Quenching Fumes Extraction, Commercial Kitchen Fumes Filtration, Laser Marking Fumes Extraction

2020s: Wet Scrubbing System for Fire-Protected Dust Collection, Welding Training Institutes Fumes Extraction, Nut Formers, Cold Forging Oil Mist, and Fumes Extraction.

Industry Sectors Served.

Over the course of four decades, FilterON proved the metal in different sectors of industry.

1980s: Engineering Industries, Public Sector Research Organizations, Health Care Sector.

1990s: Textile Sector, Space Research (ISRO), Atomic Energy (Nuclear Fuel Complex), Automotive Sector, Pharma Sector.

2000s: Engineering Goods Manufacturing, Auto Components, Cutting Tools Manufacturing, Welding Line Builders and Integrators.

2010s: MNC manufacturing facilities, electronics sector, railways, hospitality.

2020s: EV sector, CNC machine tools.

Major Projects

>> Indian Space Research Organization (ISRO)
>> Addison & Co.
>> Bhabha Atomic Research Centre
>> Bombay Dockyard
>> Eaton
>> FIAT India
>> Honeywell
>> Indian Railways
>> Larsen & Turbo
>> Magna Automotive

Infrastructure Development

Modest start with a small workshop at Wai, near Satara, Maharashtra.

Shifted to MIDC Wai in 1987.

Shifted manufacturing base to Sinhagad Road, Pune, in 1995.

The Pune plant shifted to a bigger facility at Narhe Industrial Area, Pune, in 2006.

The plant shifted again to Shivane Industrial Area in 2017.

Shivane Plant expanded in 2023 to accommodate an in-house laser cutting facility.

Sales and service presence in all industrial cities across India.

Awards, Certifications, and Recognitions

1986: Best Small-Scale Industry Award of the Govt. of Maharashtra

1993: Founder, Mr. V. D Ghorpade received the Udyog Excellence Award from the Indian Economic Forum.

2006: Became the first company in this sector to get ISO 9001 certification.

2020: Got recognized by Industry Outlook Magazine as one of the TOP 10 Air Pollution Control Equipment Manufacturers in India

2022: The company received the Engineering Excellence Award from Divya Media Publication for Best Eco-Friendly Product Line.

2023 Engineering Excellence Award, 2nd Edition, for 'Providing a Safe and Productive Work Environment for Welding'.

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