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Analyzing Total Ownership Costs: Selecting the Right Clean Air Project Option

In the previous couple of blogs, we discussed planning and designing clean air systems, including choosing the right filtration technology and fan selection. Total ownership cost is a crucial parameter to consider, including filter technology, air flow capacity, running costs, filter replacement costs, blower capacity, and ducting length.

What is the total ownership cost?

Total ownership coat, a management accounting concept, helps determine the direct and indirect costs of a product or service over the long term to arrive at the correct decision while making decisions.

What is the total ownership cost of a clean-air system?

Total ownership cost for a clean air system consists of some parameters such as air flow capacity, filter efficiency, compliance with EMS, size of equipment, considered duct length, static pressure, blower capacity, cell configuration, total initial investment cost, running cost for 1 year, AMC charges per year, standby filter cell, replacement cost of the filter, any optional accessories, etc.

In short:

Total Ownership Cost concept for 3-5 years (installation cost + running cost + maintenance cost + replacement cost = Total Ownership Cost)

Consider a simple case study to illustrate this concept. A fume extraction system with a 45,000 CMH airflow capacity—three options based on different filtration technologies—is worked out.

Total Ownership Cost Structure
Parameters ESP Technology Cartridge Technology Wet type:Venturi Scrubber
Airflow Capacity 45000 CMH 45000 CMH 45000 CMH
Filtration Efficiency 95+/-2% for 0.5 micron and above particles It depends on media selection. Generally chosen cartridge: 99% for 1 micron or 0.5 micron for welding fumes 99% for 5 microns and 98% for 2 microns
Compliance with EMS Filtered air output is less than 5 ppm. Filtered air output is less than 5 ppm. Filtered air output is less than 5 ppm.
Size of Equipement Compact Larger than ESP system. The biggest of the three
Considered Duct Length Approx. 100 mtr. per system Approx. 100 mtr. per system Approx. 100 mtr. per system
Blower Capacity 50HP/37Kw 100HP/74.5Kw 150HP/112Kw
Total Initial (Basic) Investment Cost (Equipment, Ducting, and Installation) INR 60.16 lakh INR 76.31 lakh INR 104.81 lakh
Running Cost for 1 Year (considering 16 hours per day x 300 days and 10 Rs/unit) INR 17.76 lakh (per year) X 3 years = 53.28 lakh INR 35.76 lakh (per year) X 3 years = 107 lakh + compressed air charges INR 53.66 lakh (per year) X 3 years = 161 lakh + water charges
AMC Charges per Year (All Scope) Approx. Rs 6 lakh (for 12 visits per year) X 3 years = 18 lakh Approx. 1 lakh (for 4 visits per year) X 3 years = 3 lakh Approx. Rs 6 lakh (for 12 visits per year) X 3 years = 18 lakh
Replacement Cost Filter After 3 years, Rs 1.20 lakh for pre- and after filter replacement & After 5 years, Rs. 3 lakh for ESP filter refurbishment After 2 years, Rs 9.90 lakh N/A
Optional accessories like a VFD, PLC, motorized damper, spark trap, etc. INR 12.92 lakh INR 19.73 lakh INR 27.15 lakh
Total Ownership Cost for 3 Years 154.56 Lakh 215.94 Lakh 310.96 Lakh

Total Ownership Cost Structure
Cost Parameters Cost Of ESP Technology Cost Of Cartridge Technology Cost Of Wet type:Venturi Scrubber
Installation Cost 60.16 lakh 76.31 lakh 104.81 lakh
Running Cost 53.28 lakh 107 lakh 161 lakh
Maintenance Cost-AMC 18 lakh 3 lakh 18 lakh
Replacement Cost 1.2 lakh 9.9 lakh 0
Optional Cost 12.92 lakh 19.73 lakh 27.15 lakh
Total Ownership Cost for 3 Years 154.56 Lakh 215.94 Lakh 310.96 Lakh

Total ownership cost - parameters wise breakup

Total Ownership Cost Structure
Technology Total Ownership Cost
ESP Technology 154.56 lakh
Cartridge Technology 215.94 lakh
Wet/Venturi Scrubber Technology 310.96 lakh

Total ownership cost technology wise breakup

Fig: Total ownership cost(Technology wise breakup)

Understandings from the above example:

As per the above example of total ownership cost calculation about the 3 technologies, we can conclude that the ESP technology is totally beneficial in the long run as per the costing, as the total cost is very low; it’s only 154.56 lakh as compared to cartridge technologies 215.94 lakh and wet scrubbers 310.96 lakh for the period of 3 years.

Key takeaways from the above example:

  1. From the above example, you can see that the total cost of ownership of ESP technology is low as compared to the other two technologies.
  2. The total cost of ownership consists of several parameters that are very important, including air flow, blower capacity, initial cost, filter cost, cost of ducting, etc.
  3. The most important parameter of the clean air system is air flow calculation, so air flow rate is the most comparable factor to check which proposal is capable of solving your industrial indoor pollution problem.

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